Nature photographers are professionals who capture the Earth’s exquisite beauty and the wildlife inhabiting the planet through their camera lens. They travel to various parts of the world to photograph wild animals in their natural habitat and surrounding flora. These include the majestic Royal Bengal tigers in the jungles of East Asia, crab spiders, or the Emperor Penguins in Antarctica. Many of them even document the breathtaking changes in the seasons which take place in different countries or urban landscapes. Other photographers hold exhibitions of their still photographs on melting icebergs or drought-affected locations. This is to generate public awareness of the adverse effects of global warming on the environment.

Evan Dombroski is a professional nature and wildlife photographer from New York with many years of valuable experience under his belt. He enjoys capturing photos of the city’s green landscape or the beauty of animals in their natural surroundings. The photo exhibitions he holds in the city regularly never fail to attract large crowds. Many of these people are nature or art lovers who admire his creativity with the camera. Most of his photographs fetch high prices, and buyers do not think twice before acquiring them. In recognition of his professionalism, he has won many awards. He is an inspiration to many young amateurs who want to specialize in this branch of photography.

He explains many youngsters aspire to pursue a career in nature and wildlife photography. Many of them are capable of taking stunning scenic landscape photographs with their cameras. Unfortunately, they are yet to master the technique of taking pictures of exotic animals and should consider the following tips:

  • Practice taking pictures of elusive animals like stray cats, squirrels, and birds in the neighborhood,
  • Conduct thorough research on the behavior of the wild animals they intend to photograph,
  • Remain calm and maintain a low profile from a safe distance in the presence of the wild animals,
  • Be patient and spend a lot of time with the wild animals so that they are not agitated.
  • Respect the animals’ environment and do chase them if they try to escape,
  • Strictly follow the ‘’rules of thirds’’ to place the animals in the right frame before pressing the shutter, and
  • Use the natural sunlight to take stunning photographs of the animals in their surroundings

Right camera

Amateur photographers who want to specialize in nature photography should know how to acquire the right equipment. It is prudent for them to buy a good quality single-lens reflex (SLR) or a mirrorless camera with a weather seal. This camera should incorporate special features and the latest technology.  They should also use only a telephoto lens to take pictures from a considerable distance. Above all, they need to carry a sturdy tripod for stability.

Evan Dombroski concludes by saying taking pictures of exotic animals in their habitat can be a rewarding experience for amateur photographers. They can exhibit their creativity through their photographs. However, they should wear the proper clothes when in outdoor locations and protect their equipment from the weather to capture animals in the wild without hassles.