8 useful tips when buying a used car in Dubai

Dubai is a wonderful destination for expats around the world. It is famous for their luxuries and amenities it provides the residents as well as the tourists. Many people like Dubai so much that they plan to settle here and opt to look for apartments or villas for sale in Dubai. After that, they start on a car hunt. To help you out in this, we have made a guide for you that will focus on the tips that will help you in getting a second-hand car.

Make sure to ask the owner about the reason they are selling their car

This may sound a little confusing, but from the actions of its owner, you may learn a great deal about a vehicle. They certainly won’t tell you the truth if they’re beginning to stutter and scow like a guilty kid or evading questions like a political pro. The car seems to probably have an issue and the owner wants to rip you with your hard-earned cash.

Make sure to check the tires

The weather can be a little warm here in the UAE. The unseasonably warm temperatures may have a negative impact on tire quality. Low treads increase the chance of a severe blowout, so make sure that the tread is at least 5 mm deep. Although 2mm of the tread is the minimum standard, a very well kept car should have good rubber. This law is also valid for the tire brand. You’ll get four from the same maker in the best situation, and if the tires are from a brand you acknowledge, such as Bridgestone or Pirelli, it’s generally a sign that the vendor has not taken cost cuts.

Make sure to check for oil leaks

Please ask the owner for a 10-minute drive and then look below. If an ominous oil puddle is below, then the warning bells can begin to sound (you should also scan the driveway for suspicious-looking stains). Water puddles are less troubling since they normally only get out of the air conditioning.

Make sure to take a look at the engine

You do not need to be an expert or a car mechanic in order to get the idea of a car by looking at its engine. Here is a short tip, just lift the bonnet and see how much cleaner it is. You may now be thinking that if it is clean then there is no harm in the car. The truth is actually the opposite, in fact, to show that the owner has not had the engine washed to hide any mechanical misdemeanours, there should be a fair amount of muck.

Make sure to check the paintwork

A simple inspection of the interior door frame will give a good indication of the initial paint job of the car and give you a hint as to whether the vehicle has been resprayed, depending on the condition of the car. It might also show whether there was an accident with the vehicle. Dents and scratches seem to be something to be careful about, and if you’re not overly fussed about appearance when negotiating a discount, the occasional mark or blemish can also be very helpful.

Make sure to check the mileage

An average driver will drive approximately 20,000 to 30,000 kilometres per year. If you come through a car that has travelled a distance of more than the approximate kilometres then it is better you start looking for another car. As this thing will be troublesome for you in future and will need some extra money out of your pocket for the maintenance of the car.

Make sure to check the documentation

If the owner can give you a service book with annual stamps and repair receipts, this makes the future purchase even better than purchasing on blind faith.

Make sure that the car is not modified

It’s not unusual for people to drop suspension, boost horsepower and install howling exhaust systems to cars in a nation with petrol heads. What this also means is that an enthusiast might have driven the car vigorously and recklessly. Carmakers often inspect their products rigorously before releasing them, but aftermarket additions also bring more pressure on the components and don’t always benefit from a vehicle’s lifespan.

These tips can be very handy for you if you are planning to buy a car in Dubai. You can also opt to live in Bulgari Residences Dubai if you are planning to settle here permanently.

8 useful tips when buying a used car in Dubai

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