If you love rare coins, you would know that museums and galleries are the best places to see them. You will get valuable information about these coins from professionals well-versed in historical and ancient artifacts. When it comes to handling rare coins for your collection, you must be aware of their dos and don’ts so that the coins remain intact and free from damage.

Sadigh Gallery is a family-owned art gallery for the last 40 years and known for its amazing collection of ancient art and historical artifacts. You will also find stunning pieces of jewelry and rare coins here. This popular gallery also provides collectors with fair wholesome pricing on its official site. Art lovers often visit this gallery on Fifth Avenue located in Manhattan.

Get affordable artifacts

This Gallery also provides their clients ancient antiquities that are affordable. They offer down-to-earth and friendly service when it comes to historical artifacts and coins. They proudly claim that over the years, some of their loyal customers have become real friends today.

Taking care of ancient, historic, and rare coins

One of the best collections in this esteemed gallery is its historical coins when it comes to rare coins.  Experts take care of them in a special way, and if you are new to ancient and rare coin collection, the following are some tips to help you manage and take care of your prized coin collection in a safe way-

  1. Handling – New collectors should ensure they always wear gloves when handling rare and ancient coins all the time. Professionals state that even the slightest amount of natural body oils can cause damage to the coins easily. Experts from this popular gallery recommend avoiding touching the face of the coin and using its edge to hold it.
  2. Cleaning – When cleaning the rare or ancient coin, one of the most basic rules is to stay clear of any abrasive or acidic cleaning agents. You must use cleaning agents that are non-destructive. Veteran and expert art collectors recommend you to use gentle cleaning agents only for rare and ancient coins. Experienced ancient coin collectors always consult professionals for cleaning their precious artifacts, artwork, and coin cleaning needs.
  3. Storing your coins – If, you want your rare and ancient coins to last for a lifetime. You need to store them securely and correctly. Please make sure you properly touch the coins when you take them out from the storage box or unit. Professionals from this esteemed gallery suggest you label all your containers that contain precious and ancient artifacts, coins, and jewelry.

The professional experts at Sadigh Gallery state that you must keep these three important tips in mind, especially when starting a new ancient historical coin collection. Always have time and patience when you are handling your coin collection. Finally, store them securely and hire professionals to clean them if they are really old.