Traveling always widens your perspective and teaches you valuable life lessons. You cannot learn about them just by sitting at home. Those who love to travel have solid reasons as to why it makes them happy. Traveling contributes immensely to self-growth and personal development for everyone.

Mack Prioleau lives in Dallas, Texas, where he is employed as an associate in the commercial real estate industry with a focus on the industrial sectors. He graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2017 with a degree in the Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He did his Minors in Corporate Strategy and Financial Economics.

He was born in Berkeley, CA, and lived in the San Francisco Bay Area till the age of eight years.  When he was eight, his family took him with them for a ten-month trip across the globe. In this tripe, he visited nineteen nations where he picked up different skills like surfing and speaking in Spanish.

He says that he got the opportunity to have experienced different cultures across the world from the nations he visited at a tender age. This is why he still appreciates and values himself when it comes to adventures and immersing himself in unforgettable, unique experiences like studying in Cape Town, South Africa.

Besides the above, when he is free, he loves to spend time hiking, fishing, surfing, and spending quality time with his wife Laura and his dog, whose name is Bowie.

Traveling gives you a unique learning experience

When it comes to traveling, he says that taking the first step can be really daunting. Whether it is you quitting your job to visit as many places as you can or even a short duration trip alone, the feeling can be scary for some.

Venturing out of your comfort zone is something that does seem frightening at first, he says. However, he says when you manage to set foot outside your house for the first time, there is a deep sense of satisfaction and bliss. You are stepping out of your home for your first adventure, and this experience is going to be embedded in your life forever.

Traveling does have its share of ups and downs

When it comes to traveling, you will find all your trips will never be the same. There are ups and downs; however, every experience is, in fact, a learning experience for you. In fact, the biggest way to stimulate yourself is always to challenge yourself. You should be open to new things, intermingle with people from different cultures and experience the taste of different cuisines and drinks.

Mack Prioleau fondly recalls his experience as a young child of happily learning so many things and meeting new people during his ten-month trip. This stayed with him, and he grew up as an open-minded and kind individual. He still loves to learn new things, and thanks to his traveling experiences, he has been able to evolve as a good human being. This is why he encourages everyone to travel and explore new places for self-growth and an inexplicable sense of joy and satisfaction.